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A.C. & T.C. - Washington D.C

T. and I want to thank you for coming to us at midnight Wednesday, with equipment in tow for a quick and accurate diagnosis. There is no worse feeling than to be in excruciating pain, away from one’s own doctor’s care. Your professional expertise was exceptional, but equally important was your consideration of the whole patient and his family. We will whole heartily recommend you to our friends. Most Sincerely, A.C. & T.C. Washington, D.C.

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G.W. & L.W. - Dublin, Ireland

Just a brief note on behalf of L. and I to thank you most sincerely for the kindness you showed to L. on our recent trip to New York. It was a very stressful time upon arriving in a foreign country, so far away from home for L. to find himself in so much pain. Your care, consideration and courtesy shown to him was very much appreciated and will not be forgotten.

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JTM, Brooklyn - New York

First, let me apologize for my behavior when we met. I did not mean to be confrontational, but please understand I am a student and was afraid of paying for a consultation fee at your office. A few friends said they went to shots clinics only to get their yellow fever vaccines without a consultation fee involved (only to find out this was not the case in New York). I did go on the CDC website and got a list of travel immunizations needed for Tanzania and thankfully I came to you and realized for my trip, I didn’t need half of them. While I was at first put off by needing a consultation at your office, I realized that in the end, I paid less for the consult and vaccinations than I originally thought that the vaccinations alone would cost (as my friends came to find out)! Also, the consult was invaluable, no matter what I read in travel books and seen on official websites, nothing compares to the practical knowledge and experience of a trained travel specialist like yourself. Some of my friends from California and Florida who just got travel shots, became ill (and unfortunately injured) on the trip, but thankfully I listened (and remembered) all of your advice and am pleased to say that not only was my trip enjoyable and uneventful, but I am back home three weeks now and feel great. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for all of your advice and practicality, you are a great doc and I will keep returning to you anytime I go abroad. With sincere thanks and gratitude, JTM Brooklyn, NY

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L.H., New York

I can’t even begin to thank you for the incredible help you were to my father and I. You helped me to get through a situation which was very difficult for me. I don’t believe I could have gotten my father through any of this without your help and dedication. It is so difficult to find someone like yourself who is so easily accessible, so helpful, and so understanding. I am so glad that I was able to get my father medical attention before it went even further causing more damage. He tells me he is feeling great and I can only attribute you and your associates. Again thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, L.H. Manhattan, NY

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Osterslear, Sweden

Thank you very much for your help when our son became ill in New York. We have been to his own doctor here in Sweden and everything looks fine. Thanks to you we also could enjoy our stay in you city, J. was well at once thanks to the medicine you gave him. We are sure that we will go back to New York again. Thank you for all your help.

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